No one opened a restaurant for the office work. Plate IQ is here to do the work for you!

Plate IQ Dashboard

Accounts Payable

No more data entry. Hands off. Thumbs up.

CaretAutomatically digitize invoices

Plate IQ captures your invoices line by line, automatically. Store them on our cloud so you never lose them again.

Code your line items to their appropriate expense categories only once. The next time you order that item, it will be coded for you.

Plate IQ integrates with your existing accounting software so that you can upload all your invoices at the touch of a button. No more data entry for your team.

Accounts Payable


Look deeper.

CaretPrice Tracking

Keep track of all the price changes for key restaurant purchases in one simple dashboard. Compare and contrast your pricing for each location.

Seamlessly track all your spending by category. Know your expenses without waiting for your P&L.

Gain insight into the ROI of your menu items by tracking what each dish costs your business. Plate IQ updates the cost whenever your prices change.



Tracking down to a science.
And up to par.

CaretAutomatic Price Updates

We have your products and your pricing already in our database, so why not use it? No more updating prices by hand.

Manage your inventory of each location from the cloud, leave your Excel spreadsheet behind.

Count your inventory from your iPhone. No more paper.


Bill Pay

Keep your vendors happy.
And your lights on.

Pay your vendors with just a few clicks of your mouse - no more stamps or envelopes. Payments sync straight to your general ledger for easy reporting and reconciliation.

Bill Pay


We work well with others.
Really well.

If you don't see your accounting program, let us know. We’ll add it.

Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.

See for yourself.