Accounts Payable

  • Automatically capture invoice data

    Plate IQ captures your invoices line by line, automatically – even from hand written invoices. Save time by eliminating manual data entry and storing all your paperwork in the cloud.

  • GL coding by line item

    Code your line items to their appropriate expense categories only once. The next time you order that item, it will be coded for you.

  • Sync with your current
    accounting & inventory software

    Plate IQ integrates seamlessly with your current inventory and accounting software. Populate GL or line item details with one click.

Vendor Statements

  • Reconcile vendor statements

    Plate IQ compares uploaded vendor statements against the invoices already in our database.

  • Automated problem alerts

    We’ll let you know about missing invoices or price discrepancies. Follow up or dismiss them with a click.

  • Address Issues Quickly

    Email vendors right from the Statements screen – no more copying and pasting invoices information.

Bill Pay

  • Retain records without filing

    Pay suppliers with just a few clicks. Avoid the hassle of buying stamps and stuffing envelopes.

    Push payments into your accounting software. Keep your books in permanent balance.

    Plate IQ automatically stores payment details – including amount and invoice numbers – in the cloud.


  • Price Tracking

    Keep track of all the price changes for key purchases in one simple dashboard. Compare and contrast your pricing for each location.

  • Spend Analysis

    Seamlessly track all your spending by category. Know your expenses without waiting for your P&L.