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Plate IQ is changing the way invoices are processed each day.

"With Plate IQ, we've been able to automate almost the entire AP process and get incredibly granular data that informs and improves all of our purchasing, costing, and accounts payable decisions."

David Silverglide CEO and Founder at MIXT

"By empowering our purchasing and accounting teams to do instant cross comparisons of pricing history, we were able to make educated snap decisions to save our bottom line."

Gregory Kuzia-Carmel Culinary Coordinator at Quince

"With three high-volume restaurants, we generate a tremendous amount of invoices on a daily and weekly basis. Plate IQ has allowed us to streamline the process of coding and inputting all of these invoices and purchases. We're now better able to track ingredient costs, price trends and purchase histories, all from our mobile devices and the web. Plate IQ has been an important part of Souvla's approach to thoughtful growth and its operational success."

Charles Bililies Founder & CEO at Souvla

"In a sea of technology products for restaurants that bombard us every day, Plate IQ stands alone as a true game changer for prime cost control and back office operational efficiency. Unleashing the immediate analytics of our day to day purchasing has proven to be invaluable for us."

Joshua Pickard CEO at NoHo Hospitality Group

Case Studies

Read how our customers used Plate IQ and how they benefitted from that


San Francisco, CA

See how Mixt saves $200k per year by significantly reducing costs with Plate IQ.

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The Plant Cafe

San Francisco, CA

See how the Plant Cafe saved over $150k with Plate IQ.

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Tender Greens

San Francisco, CA

See how Tender Greens gained efficiency and reduced costs with Plate IQ.

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Charlotte, NC

See how Haberdish cut their time spent processing invoices by 80% with Plate IQ.

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Noe Valley Bakery

San Francisco, CA

See how Noe Valley Bakery reduced time spent booking despite doubling their number of invoices.

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