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Businesses across all verticals can work with dozens of vendors and rack up hundreds of invoices each month. That can be frustrating and time consuming, but Plate IQ is here to help.

Business Benefits & Features

Every time you upload an invoice to Plate IQ, our technology automatically extracts each piece of data, including vendor information, individual line items, any credits and taxes, and the total.

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Digital Invoice Archive

Access your information anywhere from your web dashboard or your phone

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Actionable Insights

Monitor your margins with expense data you can trust

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Approval Hierarchies

Make sure the right people approve the right invoices the right way

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Payment Visibility

Track your due dates and pay your vendors with just a few clicks


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Making your accounts payable process more efficient shouldn’t require you to replace your entire technology stack.

Your systems stay synced, your data stays up to date, and your insights get even more insightful.

Plate IQ integrates with over 130 accounting and inventory softwares, including:



I absolutely could not do my job without Plate IQ, as it forms the core of the cost reporting that I provide my clients. Plate IQ rapidly provides truth in data, and once you have that, you can very quickly assess your current financial state-of-play and push past it into the realm of making proactive future decisions. I require it of all of my clients.

Kevin Bruyette

CEO, Precision Financial Services

In Their Words

Whether it’s solving a long standing problem of manual accounts payable, or solving new issues with monitoring item prices, we love helping our customers - and they love us for it!

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Plate IQ has been the answer to years of searching for a dynamic solution to manage high volumes of accounts payable work.The program is intuitive and the results are fantastic. Tom Rutledge 
Managing Partner, RDMS

Tom Rutledge

Managing Partner, RDMS

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