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Plate IQ is the digital solution that gives you fast, accurate, automated accounts payable and smart, business-transforming insights.

Get the full picture
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Don’t wait for your financial statements to manage your costs. Plate IQ allows you to manage your Accounts Payable and monitor your expenses with data extracted directly from your invoices.

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Cut your bookkeeping
costs in half

Automate accounts payable, eliminate paper invoices, track your costs and provide your team with a better way of managing your restaurant finances.

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675M $

Worth of invoices processed

600,000 skus

Daily prices

135,000 h

Saved hours for
our customers

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Plate IQ has decreased turnaround time for AP expediting all of our period and week end closes. We can quickly adapt to seasonal changes and make impactful decisions to reduce COGS and still maintain the quality and integrity of our product that customers have grown to love.

Doug H.

The Plant Cafe

We are a data driven organization yet had very little data about our vendors, pricing and purchasing. We manually processed hundreds of invoices a week and only captured a fraction of the information they contained. Not only was this a time suck that distracted us from growing our business, we lost valuable insights every day. With Plate IQ we’ve been able to automate almost the entire process and get incredibly granular data that informs and improves all of our costing, purchasing and accounts payable decisions.

David S.


With three high-volume restaurants, we generate a tremendous amount of invoices on a daily and weekly basis. Plate IQ has allowed us to streamline the process of coding and inputting all of these invoices and purchases. We're now better able to track ingredient costs, price trends and purchase histories, all from our mobile devices and the web. Plate IQ has been an important part of Souvla's approach to thoughtful growth and its operational success.

Charles Bililies

Founder & CEO, Souvla

In a sea of technology products for restaurants that bombard us every day, Plate IQ stands alone as a true game changer for prime cost control and back office operational efficiency. Unleashing the immediate analytics of our day to day purchasing has proven to be invaluable for us.

Joshua Pickard

CEO at Noho Hospitality Group

By empowering our purchasing and accounting teams to do instant cross comparisons of pricing history, we were able to make educated snap decisions to save our bottom line.

Gregory Kuzia-Carmel

Culinary Coordinator at Quince

Plate IQ has been the answer to years of searching for a dynamic solution to manage high volumes of accounts payable work. The program is intuitive and the results are fantastic.

Tom Rutledge

Managing Partner at RDMS

Plate IQ helps me make sure all my inventory pricing is as accurate and current as possible!

Mona Michael

Chef at Serpentine

Plate IQ has automated an impressive amount of the busy work that tends to bog restaurateurs down. This has enabled our firm to work more directly with operators to attack costs and grow their bottom lines.

Terence Hanley

CPA, Managing Member at Find A Way, LLC

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